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Restroom Trailer Instructions


  • Do not move the trailer
  • Do not open or close any valves
  • Stairs should remain out and railing out for duration of the event
  • Only toilet paper down the toilets
  • Only use trailer for the capacity provided
  • Leave fans and vents open to create circulation

Preparing the Trailer

  • Access the restroom trailer key in the small, round container mounted on the trailer hitch.  See picture.
  • Unlock exterior doors.
  • Unlock the control panel located in the back of the trailer.

Note: For 2 stall restroom trailers: The control panel is in the stall to the rear of the trailer (the side with the trailer hitch is the front).  

The Control Panel

  • Turn on power: turn red dial to the right
  • Turn on light switches – identified by the red sticker
  • Turn on pumps: 2 switches – identified by the yellow & green stickers
  • Turn on fans – identified by the pink sticker
  • Turn on water:
    • If connected to city water: open valve
    • 4 stall: 2 pumps
  • Turn on air-conditioning (if applicable)
    • Thermostat set to 70 degrees
    • Allow up to 90 minutes to get to temp
  • Turn on radio, set desired station
  • Open vent in each stall

At the End of the Event

  • Remove your belongings from the trailer
  • Turn off water; in trailer and at source
  • Turn off lights: XXX color
  • Turn off A/C
  • Turn off radio
  • Turn off power
  • Lock trailer
  • Return key to the lock box (The lock box is a circle container mounted on the trailer hitch on the front of the trailer)

Troubleshooting Tips

Electrical Troubleshooting Tips

The trailer required 20 amps to operate.

  • Make sure electrical is plugged in at source and at the trailer.
  • The yellow plug needs to be screwed in completely
  • If continuing to blow fuse, the outlet won’t supply enough amps. Switch plug to a different outlet.

Water Troubleshooting Tips

  • Make sure water is on at the source, city water or tank, and at the trailer.

              (water fill would be different)

  • Pump switches in on position

A/C Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check the thermostat, make sure it is set to air conditioning, not heat
  • Make sure the trailer is set to 70 degrees
    • Caution: Will freeze if set below
  • Allow up to 90 minutes for the air to get to temperature
  • Make sure vents are open on the interior


  • If water is running in the toilet, lift up the handle to stop the water from running.
  • Foot pedal only requires light pressure to work.

Occupancy Lights

  • Lights will only illuminate when the door is locked from the inside (photo of occupancy light)
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