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4 Porta Potty Alternatives To Consider For Your Event

Updated: June 21, 2024

When planning an event, the comfort of your guests is highly important. Traditional porta potties, while functional, might not always match the ambiance or comfort level you wish to provide. At The Throne Depot, we specialize in offering a variety of high-quality, sanitized, and aesthetically pleasing restroom rentals. These porta potty alternatives not only improve the guest experience but also ensure pristine conditions that align with your event's sophistication.

  • The Premium Toilet: A Step Above

Our Premium Event Toilet models redefine what to expect from portable restrooms. Its spacious design makes this model ideal for any size of construction, home renovation projects, or  outdoor events., It provides a smooth experience with features like a mounted hand sanitizer dispenser, heavy-duty doors, occupancy indicators, superior ventilation, and even a stainless steel mirror for a final touch of elegance.

  • The Luxury VIP Toilet: Elegance Unmatched

For events where every detail matters, our Luxury VIP Toilet stands out as the pinnacle of exclusivity. This option is particularly popular for weddings, corporate events, and any occasion where the standard is nothing but the best.

The foot pump-operated flushable toilet, running water sink, and spacious design ensure maximum comfort and hygiene. Its sleek, solid gray exterior, with the option to be free of branding stickers, ensures it blends with ease into your event's setting. This toilet offers an experience so refined that your guests might forget they are in a portable unit.

  • Handicap Accessible Toilet: Inclusive Comfort

Accessibility is a critical consideration for any event planner. As one of the best porta potty alternatives, The Throne Depot's Handicap Accessible Event Toilet is designed to ensure easy wheelchair access with its extra-wide doorway and flat, ground-level entry.

The interior is spacious enough for maximum maneuverability, and features like non-skid flooring and toilet assist bars promote safety. This model demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity. It ensures all guests, including those with mobility challenges or parents with small children, have a comfortable and dignified restroom experience.

  • Unique Offerings: Restroom Trailers

Our restroom trailer represents the sophistication in our offerings, setting a new standard for comfort and elegance in outdoor facilities. Each trailer is designed with high-end finishes to provide a comfortable experience regardless of the weather. High-end elements include luxury vinyl wood-grain floors, solid surface counters, and climate control.

The spacious interiors are equipped with large mirrors, LED lighting, and modern fixtures that mimic the quality of a high-end hotel restroom. With its sophisticated design and superior amenities, the restroom trailer offers a high-quality level of service and convenience that uplifts the outdoor event experience for guests.

Why Choose The Throne Depot?

Choosing The Throne Depot for your event’s sanitation needs comes with exceptional customer service, and a wide variety of options to suit any event size or type. Our commitment to dependable service ensures that our units are delivered and set up on time, every time, with cleanliness and functionality as our top priorities.

Moreover, our dedicated team goes above and beyond to provide personalized solutions. They strive to offer everything from basic models for small gatherings to luxurious restroom trailers for large-scale events.

Requesting a quote or renting a toilet online from The Throne Depot is the first step toward improving your event's sanitation standards. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, or any gathering that demands the best, our products offer the flexibility and quality you need to make a lasting impression on your guests. Our range includes luxury restroom trailers, Hand Sanitizer Stands and Hand Wash Stations, Restroom Shower Combo trailers, and wedding restroom trailers. Please request a quote today or call us.

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